Benefits of open access for authors include:

  •  Authors retain copyright to their work.
  •  Free access for all users worldwide.
  • Increased visibility and readership.
  • No spatial constraints.
  • Rapid publication.

Other benefits of open access for authors:

  • Fast Publishing: Minimize authors’ long waiting aspect as open-access publishes accepted articles immediately online. All research articles published in this journal are immediately freely available to read, download and share.
  • High Availability: Manuscripts are available on all search engines and indexing databases, especially Researchgate, SciProfiles, ScienceOpen, Semantic Scholar, Academia, LinkedIn, ORCID, CIVILICA, and etc.
  • High Publicity: Authors get publicity, acceptance, and recognition in the scientific world.
  • Maximize the Citation: Authors get frequent citations in others’ articles.
  • Recognition and Acceptance of Research work: Authors’ researches get full recognition among the intellectual community without any constraints.
  • Authors retain copyright of their work and can deposit their publication in any repository. The work can be freely shared and adapted provided that appropriate credit is given and any changes specified.