At CMBR we are committed to facilitating openness, transparency and reproducibility of research. We support and encourage research data to be shared, discoverable, citable, and recognized as an intellectual product of value. CMBR is a signatory to the Centre for Open Science’s Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) Guidelines, is a member of the STM Research Data Group, and supports the Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles.

Research data refers to units of information collected, observed, generated, or created to validate original research findings. Data may be numerical, descriptive, aural, or visual. Research data varies widely in format across disciplines, and can be anything from spreadsheets of quantifiable information, to qualitative information like interview data or field notes. Read a list of examples of qualitative data.

CMBR journal vary in their approach to, and requirements on research data sharing. The majority of CMBR journal follows a minimum standard which encourages authors, where relevant, and subject to ethical and legal considerations, to openly share, cite, and link to their research data. The majority of journals will follow one of the guidelines from the framework below. Please check the Submission Guidelines for the journal you wish to submit to for the appropriate research data sharing policy and check any funder requirements.